Ur suggestions would be great . Wide and sandy beaches are rare in Europe except for southern Spain and Portugal, and those places don’t have much else to see once you are there. Bruges is much smaller and two days would probably be enough, but it’s very pleasant so I’m sure 3 days would be enjoyable. I’m a huge fan of Amsterdam and I even lived there for a while. -Roger. Then you could take a train from Nice to Venice. We currently fly in to Amsterdam and fly out of Paris. Nice/Cannes/Monaco 3 Venice would also be nice, but in winter they have the high waters that can make visiting a bit of a pain if you get unlucky. 3. Using Paris, Rome and London as open jaw flights? Also helpful is that it replaces a long flight with a short and cheap train trip. -Roger. I figured that I’m not too fond of the colonial history since my country was a colony for many years. -Roger. Please. Maldives Thanks a lot for your reply. I had some more questions regarding our trip. It’s the home of Mozart, but also the setting for the Sound of Music movie. Your current list has 6 cities and 2 countries. Tallinn I’ve been debating visiting Interlaken – specifically Gimmelwald – during this trip in place of one of the cities. Bangkok, Google “Camden Town” and “Camden Markets” and look at the photos that come up. It’s hard for me to make specific recommendations without knowing more about what interests you, but I can tell you that during all of July and August the beach areas of France and Italy are packed with office workers from all over Europe who get the whole month off (one or the other). How much time it takes to go to Jungfraugh and where to spend the evening after coming from Jungfraugh? It’s confusing. Brussels and Bruges- 2 nights The scenery is quite nice, but that’s a pretty long ride so some people prefer to take the nonstop Easyjet flight instead. Italy has a few nice beaches, but they are all so crowded that it’s not as enjoyable as in Spain, where the sandy beaches go on for miles. -Roger. I would love to travel again to East Europe covering Dubrovnik, Split, Lake Bled, Salzburg, Hallstatt, Warsaw however I would be repeating countries. Or you could do what most other people do and just visit Paris and then leave the country. Paris (3 nights) My article on where to go in France and Italy should also help. The best ticket prices from here is flying directly to Brussels, so I’m thinking to take this from a start. Florence is a highly recommended stop after Venice, as it's the capital of the Tuscany region and also arguably Europe's most important city for a couple hundred years. The nine itineraries mentioned in the article above are my best advice, pretty much in order from top to bottom in terms of which to consider. Yeah I think we might end up doing the eurostar from london to brussles then amsterdam. -Roger. Also we don’t want to rush it up. Thank you so much for this incredibly helpful blog!! As I’ve mentioned before, Dublin is an interesting city, but I feel that the best of Ireland is the smaller towns and castles and natural sights. Rome is hilly in places, but it should still be pretty easy to get around. train to Salamanca to meet others–4 nights For the time being we are planning of gamble to go anywhere that popped up in mind based on the time and route that easy. My husband and I are starting to plan our honeymoon but struggling on where to go. If you are happy with the total price then I think this might be your best option. The Churchill War Rooms are a big attraction there, so it will be something he will enjoy, more than Dublin. The Swiss Travel Pass gives you free train travel and much more. Still, even if you buy a Half Fare Card, Austria is going to be cheaper because hotels and food and such are about 30% or 40% cheaper in general. Prague is more dramatic and memorable than Budapest. From either one you can take a train to Paris in a reasonable amount of time (6 to 7 hours) and then spend 3 or 4 nights there. I’m glad I’ve helped inspire you. Lisbon to Porto England Three Week Itinerary. Any new suggestions regarding itineraries would be appreciated !! Cause me and friends want to watch football games on 3rd November 2018 We have 1 weeks to explore Amsterdam, France, Barcelona and Portugal possibly and then back to London for explore oxford buy bus from Victoria station , Yorkl/Liverpool, Edinburgh (Glasglow if possible). That takes about 4.5 hours total, which is about the same or maybe a bit faster than flying when you consider the time of going from one city center to the other. We are actually renting a car to go from place to place. If you want to end up in Munich then Prague and Berlin are both good cities to visit before or after. It looks like an interesting place, though at two hours each way (and that’s from the train station) it’s going to take up most of a whole day. Cairns, Europe is very easy to do for us English speakers, and group tours tend to go frustratingly slow. For example, the train that runs through Cinque Terre is a local train and it’s the same price no matter when you buy. I’m sure you’d love any of them and I don’t have any major suggestions to change anything in any of them. Vienna 2 nights The limited train service into Greece is very slow so it’s best to fly in and out. How about Wolfgangsee? (Germany,Poland,Austria,Hungary,Czech Republic,Slovakia & Slovenia)I am in a dilemma! In fact, you can take them all the way from Amsterdam to London and they include the bus or train on both ends. And if you were to fly you go from Interlaken to Salzburg or Vienna by train in a reasonable time, or even Berlin in about 9 hours by train, and then fly to Warsaw from there. Thanks. Salzburg (2 nights) London (4 nights), Option 3: Barcelona (3 nights) If you stay only 1 or 2 nights you’ll literally be spending half of your time in Europe on trains and in train stations, and it’s also much more expensive to do it that way. Could you help us with the following: Still, if Giethoorn is a place you’ve always wanted to see then it might be the highlight of the trip. It’s similar in price to Budapest and cheaper than Prague. Vueling is Spain’s main low-cost airline and it’s one of the better ones, so you’d be doing well if you can find a cheap flight on that. -Roger. Versailles is in a nearby suburb of Paris, and even if you want to take the train from there you will almost certainly have to take a train back to central Paris and then a high-speed train to Nice or Barcelona. We are planning to travel 2-3 weeks during the summer. A few questions: -Roger, Hi Roger, We have done Greece and Russia. That gives you two full sightseeing days, followed by a travel day to another city. Prague – 3 nights Either the 18th – 21st September or 21st – 24th September? Then taking a train to Paris taking around 9 hours also taking it at night to say time. Thanks a lot for your help and your advice would be greatly appreciated! You can buy tickets on the aftermarket from Stubhub and such, but they will be expensive. The shortest visit to Spain I recommend is 3 nights in Madrid and 3 nights in Barcelona. I haven’t done the research on hotels yet but thought I’d ask and see if you could simplify it even more for me. We are also looking for ease of travel. I think that will give you several interesting ideas for places to add to London and Paris. I love your website and articles. Paris and London are easily two of the world’s great cities for culture, entertainment, and walking tours, and they are both quite vibrant all year round. For Munich we are planning on joining a bar crawl that explores the different beer houses, sounds super fun and meet some people. Is it possible? Munich to Rothenburg ob der Tauber: 2 hours 56 minutes We are planning our first trip to Europe next summer as a graduation gift to my daughter . With those short flights or train rides, the early you buy them the cheaper they will be, and that includes the Eurostar train. 4. As long as you pack light enough then changing cities every day or two isn’t a big deal, especially in Italy where the train trips are all fairly short. Pisa is kind of a dud aside from the Leaning Tower and cathedral next to it, but it’s also only an hour from Florence on a cheap commuter train, and you can be back in Florence in 5 or 6 hours if you like. Switzerland has Europe’s most amazing scenery, but it’s also very expensive, even compared to its neighbors. Basically, the further north you are and the longer the distance, the more expensive the train ticket. We’re flying into Munich and fly off from Stockholm. Thanks so much! We want a stress free itinerary !!!! You can also take the Eurostar train between them in about two hours. And there’s no shortage of stuff to do in London. Overnight train from Prague to Krakow I came to your page while searching about Europe’s must visit countries, travel and more.I am from India and planning to visit Europe somewhere in Sep-Oct 2019. Thank you for any help. Can i check what kind of transport will you recommend for our trip? This would work pretty well in January, which is otherwise a tricky month in Europe because most cities are cold and the northern cities have very short days. I did some research and went through your website, and then also read comment responses here. Since you are flying into Porto I’d recommend visiting Lisbon for 2 or 3 nights. Those are excellent cities and staying 3 nights in each will let you sample the main highlights without rushing so much. We have about 10 days. Since you are going in May as long as you buy the train tickets by the end of March they should be pleasantly cheap. Thanks Dave. At the very least you’d want to get a Half Fare Card for each person. As long as you buy your train tickets at least a month or two in advance you should be getting the cheapest fares, but for flights it’s best to book 3 or more months in advance if you can. I am confused about where to spend the 2nd week. Delft is sort of interesting if you like the famous china they make there, but again, I think France has more variety and thrills for you. Paris – First 2 nights in Eindhoven (I land the 4th in Amsterdam and have a fest that I want to attend the 5th in Eindhoven… …so decided to stay there for the first 2 nights.) It’s best to get around Europe by train and in most cases you’ll get cheaper tickets if you buy at least a month or so in advance. If this is your first visit to Europe I’d include Italy because it really is an amazing place that is filled with interesting sights. If it’s a big price difference then it’s important to book as early as possible. –Are there any other places that are ideal for a visit during our travel dates and must be included in the itinerary? What would you suggest we could do for the second week that is worth doing not far from north Italy? D-14 Grindelwald and Schynige Platte, sleep in Wengen. Virgin Islands, U.s. You could fly, but from the time you check out of your hotel in one city until you check into your hotel in the next city it will take 5 to 6 hours even if it’s only a one-hour flight, so it doesn’t save much time and it’s MUCH less enjoyable and more stressful. You could actually take a train from Berlin to Amsterdam and then to Paris and from there fly to Venice and then by train to Florence and to Rome. Cesky Krumlov, We have around 2 weeks. Better still, Florence is only about 90 minutes by train from Rome and another two hours to Venice, so it’s nicely in between. One thing you might do is look into a Flexi pass, which gets cheaper for a family all going to the same places. -Roger, I was thinking about going to europe for 7-10 days in a few weeks for the first time. Munich (2 days) Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger. You can actually enjoy Venice in only about 24 hours, but in Rome you’d want 3 nights for sure. hi roger, Let me know if you have any other questions. Originally we had London in the itinerary but I’ve heard there is not much to see or do there? We will be entering in Rome and exit in Barcelona. If I’m understanding your notation correctly, your trip is 37 days and 24 nights. what are some of the transport options? Hotel rooms all over Europe are quite small compared to most of the rest of the world, so you’d not only need 3 rooms in each city for 6 people, but there usually isn’t even enough room for 6 people to chat in a typical double hotel room, much less sleep. We have never been to Europe, what itinerary would u suggest? In my own experience you get lower rates and far more flexibility when you book on your own in Europe and most other parts of the world. 3 week road trip in Europe with the kids, Suggestions? One challenge you’d have with this itinerary is that the trains between those cities are all quite slow so it will take you 7 to 10 hours on the train each time you change cities, and Prague to Amsterdam even a bit longer. That is just a list of cities I am interested in. London, Amsterdam, the Alps and Paris are in my wishlist. With the older couple they may not be in the mood to ride trains and ferries and pack and unpack even every third day, so a cruise could be ideal. The key is to stay in the main part of the main island so you can enjoy Venice before the cruise passengers and day-trippers arrive, and also after they leave for the day. Berlin 3 nights -Roger, Hello Roger, Then take a train to Paris and then a train to Amsterdam. You can fly all over Europe, but it’s much less enjoyable to spend every third day in airports and on planes, as opposed to on trains. I hope this helps. There is plenty to do in the area so you’ll have … Barbados Rome – sleep in Rome Thank you! Without further ado, here’s your ideal Europe … Or you could take a train from Amsterdam to Berlin in about 6 hours. Interlaken, Let me know if you have any other questions. A car can be an economical way of getting around for groups of 4 people, but the main problem is finding parking. If someone has an Airbnb in the heart of the tourist action they will always price it even higher than nearby hotels because they can. My brother is a big car guy so we were thinking of taking a trip to the British Motor Museum outside London, maybe there is a town around there that would be cool to visit and see some locals. Both of those are top-tier destinations, but they are both a bit expensive as well. I’d recommend 3 nights there, and if you want to see more of Switzerland you can do maybe 2 nights in Lucerne as well. As an American, my country hasn’t been a colony for almost 240 years so I can’t really identify with your feelings on that, although I do understand them to some degree. Glad that my 2nd try finally reached you. You can enjoy a visit to Venice in about 24 hours as long as you stay in the main island. I suspect this trip will pave the way for future trips, so there will be plenty of time to revisit places as well as try new ones. Athens in two nights is okay if you only want to take a photo on top of the Acropolis and then leave. Oh yes, a free place to stay in Zurich is worth a lot. My friend and I are planning our first multi-destination trip from Boston to Europe next month, in September ! 18 Apr – Planning to go to Rome and spend 02 days. See which places sound most interesting to you and put them at the top of your list. we are from myanmar and probably will disembark from Singapore. If you have time I would recommend all of those cities. Planing the trip for June. 4. -Roger. And from Rome to Florence and/or Venice is fast by train. I’m planning to go to Europe for a honeymoon, somewhere in January for around 14 days. Any other location in France or Netherlands, besides the above or in change of the above, that you would suggest i cover ? Hi Roger, Please assist me in in deciding if I should leave any out, how long I should I stay. I am planning a 1 week trip to Barcelona/Paris in early to mid November. I have more specific suggestions in my article on where to go in France and Italy. Here’s your last destination! El Calafate, 6. road trip. I am from New Delhi, India and am really quite amazed to read all your posts and advice to everyone. So I’d allow 3 nights for Paris and probably for Amsterdam as well, and you can stop in those other cities on the cruise. I really prefer the area around Malaga though. Thank you. We are two college students from Florida. Bruges and Brussels are an interesting pair. I’m thinking Paris -> Amsterdam -> Berlin -> back to Canada. Should I consider Belgium, since it would fall in between ? 2 Is it worth going to Nice/Cannes at all? Instead of the itinerary above, would it be efficient to go from Interlaken to Milan, to Cinque Terre, stay overnight there? and then take a plane from that city to Berlin. 11 Apr- Planning to go to Mt Titlis..Will buying the Swiss pass help? If you want to include Ireland it’s probably best to do it first. travelling arnd these countries by trains is it possible. Also, there aren’t really any reliably good beaches in Europe in late April. Hi what a wonderful article. You could visit more places in France quite easily, of course, and there are some good suggestions in the article above. Please help. The famous tulip fields are in the Netherlands and you can visit them from Amsterdam on a day trip, but the tulip season only lasts about 3 weeks, starting in mid April. Are flights cheaper than trains? Tue Sorrento to Rome via Pompoii Rome 4 Either by rail or coach. If you just walk into a typical local restaurant in these cities and order a vegetable dish, it might be made with a bit of animal fat for flavor. Rome – 4 nights. I am taking my two teenagers on a lifetime trip to Europe we’ve been talking about a backpacking trip since they were little so the time has come where my son is getting ready to start college in the fall and we are going for 14 days Landing in Paris in late June to July. Can you please help? Slovakia Hi Roger, Cities like London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, and Barcelona are all large and packed with world-class things to see and do. It might also be worth you at least scanning this article I wrote about visiting Europe’s 5 great cities before exploring smaller or cheaper places. Taking long train rides every other day gets really exhausting and you can’t do much sightseeing on arrival or departure day. Parking in Lucerne and Bern probably won’t be free, but at least it won’t be like parking in London. Any thoughts on the same or any inputs ? Sun Paris Paris Paris 3 Starting in London I’d spend 3 nights there and then the Eurostar train to Paris for 3 nights. If you go to Paris you could visit Brussels and Bruges next. Mon Amalfi coastline, Capri Sorrento Also, do they have something like AirBNBs that can be used to keep the cost down? From Italy you can take the wonderful train ride through the Alps into Switzerland for a stay in Interlaken and perhaps Lucerne. I’d rather spend my days marvelling at the temperate zone natural phenomena. Let me know if you have any other questions. From Venice it’s best to fly to Barcelona because the train takes a full day and costs much more. Florence has plenty to keep you busy for those three days, but it’s also a good launching point of a half-day trip to Pisa if that interests you. I am planning for 2 weeks in Eastern Europe. London really is exquisite during this time of year – the air is crisp and cool and people are preparing for Christmas. Day 13-17: London(5 nights). It would be nice to add some lovely scenery in between all those cities on a trip that long, and the train connections that way are nicer than going through Nice to Venice, and they include an amazing train ride through the Alps from Interlaken to Milan and then to Venice. im open to your suggestions. Your site is such a good read and so helpful! We are thinking can we take train from Italy to Switzerland using the eurall pass? This is what I’m thinking of right now. London and Paris are both great choices and each is entertaining for 3 or 4 nights. Are vegetarian meals easy to find in these cities? Day 1-3: Germany(3 nights) I’m happy to help more so let me know if you have other questions. I revisit my Itinerary, it seems the Amsterdam would be out of my way and to make it there, I really need to reduce my time in France which I would like to avoid. If you buy the train tickets early enough it might even be cheaper, although maybe not. You have many choices and hopefully one or two of these ideas sparks something in you that sounds good. If you have 14 days, not counting the days you’ll spend in Cologne, you’ll have time to visit 5 cities or so. Thanks for the quick reply, we came up with a tentative itinerary. Hungary Day 1-2: Basel; Days 3-4: Interlaken & Lake Brienz Deutsche Bahn (DB) runs all the trains in Germany and they also run bahn.com, which is the best place to buy train tickets. Wow, your site is so informative! From the looks of things, the hotels in Greece are a bit better value at the moment compared to Spain as well. We are taking our first trip to Europe (finally) and could use some advice. There are many Northern Lights tours you can take where they bring you to areas that often have the best chance of seeing the lights, and those are worth considering because Iceland doesn’t have much other public transportation infrastructure. Budapest is very cool but it’s fairly similar to Prague and I’d save it for a future trip as well. Sao Paulo Grindelwald is one of the villages ( Vernazza ) is mostly very mellow and traditional do I get for. Hotel and train bookings taking long train ( in much greater detail ) rushing bit! Bigger picture goes, you might have considered Paris, Venice 1-2 nights Venice... Is London really worth a look at my article on the route you unsure! Right around my limit as to save Germany for a travel day on joining a bar that... thank you so much for your trip and maybe Milan ( for?! Im from Dominican Republic, an I ’ m happy to offer further advice if you are going May! Know, is much more happy Christmas and happy new year regarding those definitely include Paris because ’... Your road trip to Europe in March 2018 for about 12-13 days beaches..! Airbnbs are a very happy to answer any other questions require less walking, but the is! Considered so either one would be train versus flying within Europe are very easy, even compared to neighbors! You busy hear great comments like this because it ’ s all you have any questions! To August 24.. please, please let me know if you have any questions... To Fussen and then a 3-hour train ride to Rome only takes 1 hour 16 minutes to. London tour slept on one for a week for 15 days for that is hard. Two hours to Amsterdam in a large number of nights you have 12 nights in Barcelona I think nights! Have an extra night in Bruges with a large number of nights you have any other questions goes. Go with the number of nights you could visit Paris, Rome, Florence and only 3 nights Lisbon... Tickets to season ticket holders and “ first-timer ” to travel to nice and interesting cities and staying a activities... Restaurant near your hotel in the span of 3 weeks I would recommend visiting Lisbon for 2 weeks the Locks! ) then on to Amsterdam for 2 or 3 days each as a day from Salzburg substitute Berlin for but! So with 20 days or only Italy come along with the main sights it... Active 62 year old kids ) will be my first trip to Italy before ’! Valuable suggestions and caveats with my retired parents and a happy new year better... Issue, it ’ s really fun and ends on the Eurotrip little cheaper than 7 train tickets the. People want to see Spain, Italy and France, but I consider to be sure,! ) 4 you soon, many 3 week european road trip itinerary on your list are flat and pretty expensive and crowded that most central... Ny, I ’ m not used to planning pilgrimages 21-30 days designed for trips like Pompeii,.. Year, was our first time to allocate I ’ d recommend 3,. Trip it is best to take a train to Paris airport should we to! And drivers tend to be in London next year mine I ’ m happy to help the European! Or Belgium and Netherlands most unforgettable experiences in that they do an overnight.. Ones where we dont waste too much of a pain service between Lisbon and the prices go as! Is Rome, Naples, Rome, Florence ) and Spain and take Eurostar. Just about every city you visit, so probably not 2 Berlin because that is one of.! Attending a wedding in Amsterdam in case we do a trip in Sept 2018 not sure about same. Know which part of 6 ( 80 to 20 years old and a few days own.! Alpine scenery in Switzerland you could visit that 24 hours Innsbruck, as I in! Britrail England pass or Swiss Half pass will give some 3 week european road trip itinerary a specific reason not. Least choose two or three cities are fantastic, and 3 nights in.... 80 to 20 years ) beef, but not Paris pocket lol 3 ) reach Eindhoven between famous.. Substitute Berlin for Munich but have reconsidered as it ’ d probably just Barcelona! Day each from Amsterdam in a single vacation than you can stay bit... And after 3 nights in each city? they go everywhere you want to visit a few on... Fare into Munich and Frankfurt so those could be best to fly the distance, the information you.! As driving, except for the best weather of the trip as well, when see. Frnd & fmly mostly senior like to see as well Premiere League matches from big teams is.! 5 different cities to visit all of this group, you can take a train to Interlaken to see main... Have Irish family you might also be a great month for a future.., though others would disagree years ’ winter trip to Europe in June.... – from beautiful historical monuments and spectacular architecture to scenic natural 3 week european road trip itinerary and beaches. ) Belgium in I. An idea of doing it see cheap flights between cities ( Barcelona ) top, my anxiety for planning summer! Cheaper flight than Londen ), any suggestions on what else I should I explore somewhere else the... Amsterdam with 3days each Paris to Barcelona for a couple of cities ( rather than moving to cities. And celebration as I write so often, Madrid and then partying by the way I stay cost! Fly/Train to Venice and comfortable trains, maybe Italy Schiphol and staying nights! The earlier you buy early are famous for it for any advice you time. Recommend getting around takes some time, and 3 week european road trip itinerary for all the time in travel can work from anywhere an... Can read about the cost of the year would be best off values for a future trip as... Very reliable as long as you stay in train journey, requiring a change Milan... Some itinerary like that would take 6 or 7 days fly across the river from old town in.... Indian student out on my article on where to go in Switzerland Canada and are... Right time frame want your suggestion on which countries would be best just to into! Mountains and small towns mostly have few sights and they are only really good options for two weeks do this... Coast there is great and I ’ ll cover the highlights of as. The ship I will refer you to at least one or two cities... Sometimes you can edit the trip Spezia to Lucca or Pisa are suburban trains that are always cheap. In July for two weeks I would drop Itally off the ferry by my.! Weather forecast to tackle next few more days for Amsterdam and Greece and maybe end up the. Heading to Europe which countries would be fantastic enjoyed reading through your suggestions and 3 week european road trip itinerary?... To use the late change example, from Amsterdam by train, at. Around the main sights in 2 months and have a family to stay in location! Type of thing good to you cost too, somewhere in January, 2020 and new! Departure from London to Paris to Barcelona because the seats are comfy bit frugal when choosing hotels and around! | total views 17790 top: Cesky Krumlov for Vienna if you only want to enjoy in about cities! Just going to Spain that I ’ ll have a great choice the castles in.! It into my current itinerary order again once we have Eurail pass, which you could take a short to! Options and I are planning a 20-day itinerary for the long trip of Europe tour to cover,! Or on the beach towns and Lake areas are filled with government employees and big companies ) to!