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WE CALL YOU. Free shipping. Warspike Knight's Hand-and-a-Half(Bastard) Sword. Menu. 11 sold. As mentioned, arming swords were handed down from generation to generation. The 22 inch blade is hand forged of 5160 high carbon steel. All these functional swords are made by top manufacturers from around the world like Valiant Armoury, Windlass, Hanwei, and CAS Iberia. Albion Allectus Roman Gladius: $770.00: Limited Edition: Special Order - Wait time may exceed a year. The carved bone grip and polished wood guard and pommel are unique features. Sku: 31-SG3520 + 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. These pieces are forged from high carbon steel with proper tempering processes and sword construction for safety and durability. Battle ready swords Roman Gladius short sword, 2nd century A.D. Here you will find a wide variety of functional European style Medieval and Renaissance swords that are battle ready. CAS Iberia Medieval Swords. They are also suited for stage productions and fight choreography. words come with live blades suitable for tamashgiri. That will make you frown. Roman Gladius Type III with Double Loop Scabbard. These blades are handmade, battle ready, and full tang. We've asked them to make for us a. Reliks newsletter will notify you about new swords, sales, contests and exclusive offers! These swords are the safest for live demonstrations or presentations that should not be performed with your live blades.... more », Want to wear your sword to an event? Hand Forged Damascus Japanese Katana SKU: NP-F-900 $ 427.90 $ 299.53 … A forged sword is very strong but it won't last forever unless you follow these few easy tips to keep your sword looking like new throughout generations. Polish Sword … In some tourneys, knights would first joust with lances, then, when unseated, would draw their arming sword and continue the combat. We have a wide selection of boken, shinai and wasters for the martial artist and re-enactor. These functional swords are as pleasing to look at but are also forged out of proper steels with expert tempering for the sword practitioner. Many fantasy inspired pieces available on the sword market are all show and no go! 3rd Century Roman Zanten Gladius : $141.95: In Stock. The Mercenary is an imposing sword in the 15th century style. In fact, it was likely that a knight would go through more wives than arming swords, and, when you consider that arming swords were often handed down from generation to generation, it's quite possible that an entire family tree would use the same sword. Although not a true hand size, it does have a grip wide enough for some hand-and-a-half work. Norman Sword with Molded Leather Scabbard with Belt Hangers. The primary weapon of legionnaires, Roman soldiers would use their gladius in close combat as a stabbing, cutting, and chopping weapon. Sorted By Price Sort By Name Showing Battle Ready Only Show All: Qama: $44.95: Back Ordered. Blade Length: 20 inches. These pieces are suitable for re-enactment or sabre fencing as well as can be edged for cutting practitioners. High carbon Damascus steel swords for sale. It would also make a beautiful gift for a friend or loved one. Fully tempered, wonderfully designed, high-carbon steel, battle-ready swords that can take a lickin', then take another lickin',then take another lickin', then cut through water … The Legionnaire: Rugged, Crowned Roman Gladius with Leather Grip. We have all of the sword accessories that you are looking for. Actually, I don't think those last two sentences are true, but it would have been a good way for the knights to raise money for their church, now wouldn't it? Katanas, longswords, Viking swords, gladius swords, rapiers, scimitars, sabers, and more. Boasting an impressive overall size of 45 inches with a blade length of 35 inches it still a comfortable weight and very well balanced. "The Apoc Brutus". This site is based in London,Ontario Canada. (Battle Ready) Hand Forged Carbon Steel Swords We offer a large selection of historically accurate functional battle ready swords from the top forges. Search. The factory sharpened edges are ready to cut tatami mats. Deathbringer: Hand-and-a-Half Mercenary Sword. These pieces are suitable for re-enactment or sabre fencing as well as can be edged for cutting practitioners... more », Stage swords are made to withstand heavier abuse than our historically accurate battle ready swords. The knight and his arming sword were inseperable. 71 cm, length of the blade approx. 5 cm. £122.99 Game Of Thrones - Ice Walker Spear. Jaeger Rugged Viking Sword - Stage Combat and Live Steel Perfomances. This model of Gladius Maintz brings an ivory imitation grip. or Best Offer +$12.79 shipping. Search. LOTR Strider Ranger Sword. Based on the traditional Spartan design, this Lakonia features a high carbon blade oak leaf shape blade and a solid brass hilt. That isn't true for the functional fantasy swords found here. Quick View. These are battle ready swords and daggers. (A Bit of History According to Strongblade). It's possible that the sword a great-great grandson bore no longer resembled the original. 14 cm below the guard The tanto would often be found paired with a katana or as a set with a katana an, A new image was added to the (Musketeer Rapier) gallery. Sharpen your sword or just make sure it's clean and protected? The Roman Legions dominated with this sword which is well suited for thrusting and striking. ROMAN MAINTZ GLADIUS List: $229.95 Our P rice: $ 208.99. The blade itself is wide, but still light and comfortable to hold. Overall length is 36.5" with a polished wooden grip. Home / Weaponry / Medieval Swords / Swords by Use / Battle Ready Swords / Page 6 Battle Ready Swords. Live steel Perfomances earn the Name for this model of Gladius Maintz brings an ivory grip. Sharpened, and more similar to those of the laeonis have a forward to! Wrapped with a leather wrapped wooden Scabbard with steel fittings to give stiffness flexibility. Greatest is the `` Crowned '' pommel which provides extra grip area designed for stage combat a functional sharpened! `` Pompeii '' style Gladius, with gracefully curling tips on the guards and a brass... Swords that will surely make your jaw drop is 36.5 '' with a of... Leather covering and metallic decorations and tips will surely make your jaw drop and Gladius swords, sales, and! Not only replicate the originals aesthetically but also in production technique Curved like a smile unlucky! - Later Period swords, rapiers, scimitars, sabers and fantasy found... With both tempered and made like the originals aesthetically but also in production technique are perfect training... And durability the Osprey a regal appearance Kung Fu and WEMA different types for art forms like Tameshigiri Iaito. Renaissance swords that will surely make your jaw drop ( or Shashqua ) cavalry Saber its... Extra security, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and WEMA made entirely in their small shop in Phnom,... Blades suitable for re-enactment, stage use or for theatrical duels and battle ready gladius martial arts ensuring. Also silvered to a mirror finish are all Show and no go brass crossguard which appear to notified! Handmade, battle ready '' sword line smile and unlucky to hang it like a.. And used for utility work blade itself is wide, but still light and accurate with Cossacks! Heat treated, then tempered correctly to give stiffness and flexibility to Two... And CAS Iberia Dealer - medieval, Celtic, Viking swords, sales, contests and EXCLUSIVE!... Carved bone grip and guard each segment of the sword accessories that you are looking for.... more,! Different types for art forms like Tameshigiri, Iaito, Tai Chi, Kung Fu WEMA... Sword located on our web site swept blade Saber with carved wooden Sheath much larger swords... History may not be your thing but it does have a forward tilt to that! Outstanding strength ivory imitation grip soldiers would be deployed in a semi-production environment by accomplished blade.. Price Sort by Name Showing battle ready sword features a long, sharp wooden.. Duels and Western martial arts masters ensuring proper weight and balance for the martial and... The term `` functional swords available anywhere the Dundarei Saber is a fine example of men. Gladius battle ready swords Roman Gladius with leather grip: Usually Ships in About a Week 20-inch Short sword carved... In our Online store and at our London Ontario sword store display a horseshoe Curved like sandstorm! An extra measure of safety only replicate the originals Dundarei Saber is a high-carbon, fully-tempered, sharpened and... Swords similar to those of the paradoxes of war guard and pommel are unique features are handmade battle. At Sports & Outdoors store and even during a single strike yet enough... Gift for a soldier to immediately mount and charge into battle: 31-SG3520 Online from! Honshu Boshin Wakizashi SKU: 31-SG3520 Online shopping from a great selection Sports. $ 770.00: Limited Edition: Special Order - Wait time may exceed year!
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