Since then, Spielberg has continued to get his share from theatrical re-releases, home video sales, and more; Yahoo estimates he's made $40 million so far. Harrison Ford war Indiana Jones und Han Solo in „Star Wars“. According to Spielberg, Lucas sends him money from the bet to this very day. the Extra-Terrestrial, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones redefined what “successful” movies looked like and smashed box-office records. I wish I would have been able to get in on that action! The case of a simple diversification trade amongst two friends reaps risk-adjusted returns. A Star Wars: The Clone Wars spinoff series is coming to Disney Plus in 2021, and it's all about the Bad Batch. Build your custom DorkSide Daily email newsletter with news and analysis on Star Wars and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more. Steven Spielberg. That’s a four with a lot of zeros for never lifting a finger. Steven Spielbergstill makes money from Star Warsthirty years after coming out on top in a bet with movie mogul pal George Lucas. Mark Rylance Mark Rylance. Your privacy is safe with us. Her career started in 1981 when she was cast on the soap opera The Edge of Night. Spielberg and George Lucas met in 1967 and have maintained a social and professional relationship ever since. Los Angeles - Auch im fünften Teil der Indiana Jones-Reihe spielt Harrison Ford (76) die Hauptrolle. It was Spielberg who introduced Lucas to John Williams, who would go on to create the musical score for many of their films. A bet that Spielberg has made millions of dollars off of over the years, and he's still collecting on it! Believe it or not, millions of dollars of that net worth is attributed to a friendly bet made with an old friend about a movie made a … So rettete STAR WARS die Karriere von Spielberg. Ever since the freaking return of Star Wars … The mid-1970s weren’t particularly known for their sci-fi blockbusters, usually incorporating anti-heros and gritty realism to reflect the level of cynicism and distrust that pervaded through the American landscape. The bet between Lucas and Spielberg has become Hollywood lore, estimates assume that Spielberg has netted over at least $40 million dollars off the deal. I’ll give you 2.5% of ‘Star Wars’ if you give me 2.5% of ‘Close Encounters.’ So I said, ‘Sure, I’ll gamble with that. Steven Spielberg still makes money from Star Wars thirty years after coming out on top in a bet with movie mogul pal George Lucas. Star Wars has made creator George Lucas a lot of money over the year. A long time ago on a film set far, far away, two directors made a friendly bet about a small space-fantasy film called Star Wars. Jaws, E.T. Add more challenges with shoots and ballooning production costs and it was enough to make Lucas a frantic mess. Mit seinen Filmen wurde er der kommerziell erfolgreichste Regisseur aller Zeiten. “George came back from ‘Star Wars’ a nervous wreck,” Spielberg said in an interview with Turner Classic Films. "Of course I was the happy beneficiary of a couple of net points from that movie, which I am still seeing money on today." By . Great.'”. Was ihn auf die Palme bringt. This is gonna be the biggest hit of all time. After finishing filming on Star Wars, George Lucas visits Steven Spielberg on the set of Close Encounters. "The bet was made when Lucas was visiting Spielberg on the set of Close Encounters of the Third Kind in 1977, before Star Wars: A New Hope came out.". "George came back from 'Star Wars' a nervous wreck," Spielberg said. There are two things we can all take from this little Hollywood anecdote: one, we clearly need to find richer friends and two, Steven Spielberg was a friend who clearly found George Lucas’ faith in his own film disturbing. Jetzt spielt er in einem Klassiker von Jack London. after some back and forth, Lucas was so certain that his movie would make less money, he proposed a bet. 'Star Wars' was a phenomenon," Spielberg said a few years ago. After wresting his DreamWorks studio from Viacom’s Paramount Pictures in 2009, […] Don't feel too bad for Lucas, though — seeing as he sold Lucasfilm and the Star Wars rights to Disney for $4 billion, he's not exactly down to eating ramen. But in 1977, he made a bet with fellow director Steven Spielberg that has wound up costing him over $40,00,000 so far, and all of it going directly into Spielberg's pocket. There are odds maker across the globe using analytics and probability to try and pry the cold money from your tear-soaked fingertips. $ 3.7 Billion Steven Spielberg Net Worth: Steven Allan Spielberg is an American director, producer, and screenwriter. He felt he had just made this little kids' movie." "He didn’t feel 'Star Wars' came up to the vision he initially had. The bet between Lucas and Spielberg has become Hollywood lore, estimates assume that Spielberg … I can’t believe this set. By the end of 1978, Star Wars' worldwide box office receipts totaled $500 million, which earned Spielberg roughly $12.5 million. Matching 50 Star Wars characters with each US state, 10 characters who deserve standalone films, Spielberg has netted over at least $40 million dollars off the deal, Star Wars: The best ships in the original trilogy, Who shot first? Spielberg and Lucas made a $40M Bet on "Star Wars" Neither filmmaker had confidence in their own films, so they struck a deal that might be the most expensive wager of all-time. I’ll trade some points with you. Firmen. “He didn’t feel ‘Star Wars’ came up to the vision he initially had. So the bet was made: Each of them would give the other 2.5% of their respective stakes in their own film, if it was the most successful. Star Wars" aber ist Pflicht.Schon jeder neue Trailerschnipsel wird wie eine Offenbarung willkommen geheißen. Spielberg also gets two and a half percent of all the profits of Star Wars due to a bet he made with Lucas in the '70s, and he's still reaping the benefits. For those of you who wonder what Spielberg meant while mentioning points, it has to do with the percentage yielded after the studio has recouped it’s investment. That's equal to $46.675 million in inflation adjusted dollars. Spielberg revealed the origins of the bet in an interview with Turner Classic Movies. Powered by Minute Media © 2021 All Rights Reserved. Warning: BLOCKBUSTER spoilers ahead. Offering studios Flash Gordan-based throwbacks was a hard pitch for the blossoming director before 20th Century Fox stepped in. Steven Spielberg hat vor 40 Jahren mit „Star Wars“-Schöpfer George Lucas Sandburgen gebaut. During the visit, the Star Wars director allegedly became convinced his movie would make way less money at the box office, and out of those conversations, an unusual bet arose. The infamous ‘Star Wars’ bet that earned Spielberg millions. Suddenly, the two of them were arguing which movie would do better — but they were arguing for each other's films. The story goes back to 1977, before the Star Wars franchise became the most established brand in motion picture history, when it was just Star Wars. While on the set Lucas confided some of his doubts to his longtime friend. We'll never pass along your email address to spammers, scammers, or the like. Is Star Wars: Episode IX almost done filming? But friendly wagers between compatriots rarely ends up worse than missing money for a cup of morning joe or a bald head. That is, unless your friends are George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. It all started when Lucas took a break from the post-production work on Star Wars to visit Spielberg on … He is considered one of the founding pioneers of the New Hollywood era, as well as being viewed as one of the most popular directors and producers in film history. Spielberg had been in the midst of shooting his very own soon-to-be massive hit, Close Encounters of The Third Kind. That is, unless your friends are George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. You want to trade some points? His net worth is over $3 billion and growing. “He said, ‘Oh my God, your movie is going to be so much more successful than ‘Star Wars’! Star Wars: Who is the best director in the franchise's history? It depends on the version you watch, Star Wars: Scene stealers from the original trilogy, Star Wars: The most frustrating part of each film in the original trilogy, Moon landing at 50: Star Wars and space exploration. According to Celebrity Networth, Spielberg revealed that, while on set, Lucas made a bet with him regarding Star Wars -- a bet that has continued to pay off handsomely for Spielberg … Steven Spielberg is one wildly successful directer, producer, screenwriter and businessman. I can’t believe what you’re getting, and oh my goodness.’ He said, ‘All right, I’ll tell you what. Capshaw Has Her Own Impressive Net Worth Outside Her Husband's By herself, Capshaw is worth $100 million. Couple that with what Spielberg was accomplishing on set and it was enough to make Lucas feel like Star Wars could never live up to Close Encounters of The Third Kind. Lucas said Close Encounters would make more money, while Spielberg insisted on Star Wars. Big time. Gambling, in general, isn’t always the best way to pick up a buck. The bet was made when Lucas was visiting Spielberg on the set of Close Encounters of the Third Kind in 1977, before Star Wars: A New Hope came out. HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 09: (L-R) Directors Steven Spielberg and George Lucas attend American Film Institute's 44th Life Achievement Award Gala Tributre to John Williams at Dolby Theatre on June 9, 2016 in Hollywood, California. Toy Story 3 Scribe Writing Star Wars: Episode VII. Steven Spielberg hat STAR WARS also seine Karriere zu verdanken und hat bis jetzt (2013) etwa 50 Millionen US Dollar an den 2,5% Prozent Gewinnanteil verdient, den Spielberg mit Lucas durchgeführt hat. Steven Allan Spielberg KBE (* 18. Star-Regisseur Steven Spielberg hat jetzt ein Gerücht kommentiert, das sich hartnäckig hält. Er war der Einzige, der damals an die Geschichte glaubte. He began his career in the New Hollywood era, and is one of the most commercially successful directors in history. Steven Allan Spielberg KBE (born on December 18, 1946 in Cincinnati, Ohio) is an American film director and producer. He felt he had just made this little kids’ movie.”. After all, Vietnam was wrapping, Nixon had resigned the presidency in disgrace and the counter-culture of the ’60s was almost fully ingrained in Hollywood. Released May 25, 1977, on a budget of $11 million, "Star Wars" — later retitled "Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope" — went on to make $460 million in the U.S. alone. According to Spielberg, “George came back from Star Wars a nervous wreck. Hot off the heels of his sleeper hit, American Graffiti, Lucas was now dabbling in the science fiction genre. Tye Sheridan Tye Sheridan. Lucas said Close Encounters would make more money, while Spielberg insisted on Star Wars. Steven Spielberg won $40 million in a 'Star Wars' bet with George Lucas George Lucas made a 1977 bet with Steven Spielberg that has cost him $40 million over the last several decades. That's like showing the Special Edition FX in an "I Love the 70's" special. Produktionskosten und weltweites Einspielergebnis der Star Wars-Filme bis 2020; Produktionskosten und weltweites Einspielergebnis der Fast-and-Furious-Filme bis 2020 ; Produktionskosten und weltweites Einspielergebnis der DC-Filme bis 2020; Produktionskosten und weltweites Einspielergebnis der James Bond-Filme bis 2020; Produktionskosten und weltweites Einspielergebnis … Lucas took a few days to step away from wrapping up his soon to be mega-hit when he visited his good friend, Steven Spielberg. And even though Close Encounters made a whopping $303 million, Star Wars trounced it, making $775 worldwide in 1977 alone. It's 1977. Steven Allan Spielberg (/ ˈspiːlbɜːrɡ /; born December 18, 1946) is an American film director, producer, and screenwriter. Ernest Cline Ernest Cline. Steven Spielberg won't direct Star Wars: Episode VII. Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. The Mandalorian: Four old Star Wars characters who may appear. As the saying goes, the house always wins. Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH Filmverleiher . Worst case scenario, you may find yourself hanging upside down from a balcony by two thugs as a fat cat in a white suit chomps a cigar spitting out a lunatic rant in an easy-going, velvety voice. The fact that Star Wars went on to earn $775 million over the course of its worldwide theatrical runs on a mere budget of $11 million is astounding in itself. Lucas hat 2,5% an "Begnung der dritten Art" und Spielberg an "STAR WARS" bekommen. Dezember 1946 in Cincinnati, Ohio) ist ein US-amerikanischer Filmregisseur, Filmproduzent, Drehbuchautor und Schauspieler. Willem Dafoe on seeing the world through Van Gogh's eyes in 'At Eternity's Gate', Star Wars: George Lucas on set of The Mandalorian with Jon Favreau, "More gruesome" Order 66 scene may lie on cutting room floor. Spielberg's gamble paid off. Zu seinen bekanntesten Filmen gehören Der weiße Hai (1975), E.T.